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Issued from 2014.

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1O. Austin Omomia[Нигерия], T. A. Omomia[Нигерия]Relevance of Skinner’s Theory of Reinforcement on Effective School Evaluaution and Management2014, December3248
2T. A. Omomia[Нигерия], O. Austin Omomia[Нигерия], C. U Chimezie[Нигерия], Gbenusola Akinwale[Нигерия]Perceived Impact of Stress on the Academic Achievement of Biology Students in Education District IV, Lagos State. Nigeria2014, September1937
3Omomia O. Austin[Нигерия], Omomia Taiwo[Нигерия]Review of Works on the Role of Religion in Tackling Deviant Behaviours Among Adolescents: Implication for the School, Family and Church in Nigeria2014, June1058
4Oleg Lukyanov[Россия], Yana Chastokolenko[Россия], K. Kotikova[Россия]Choosing the Freedom Instead of the Freedom of Choice. Modern Youth Alternatives of Identity (Using the Example of Creative Youth Subcultures)2014, December894
5Feliks P. Tarasenko[Россия]Seven Paradoxes of Voting Systems: Pitfalls in Collective Decision Making2014, September831
6Svetlana S. Novikova[Россия]The Reaction of Protest As A Special Form Of Children Psychogenic Reactions2014, June771
7Jacob Owusu Sarfo[Гана]Human Learning and Memory: The Role of Presentation and Processing Modalities2014, March766
8Jacob Owusu Sarfo[Гана]Evolution of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Insomnia: A Model of Components and Related Mechanisms2014, June761
9Dinara N. Pchelintseva[Россия]Psychological Factors, Influencing the Dynamics of Conflicts Settlement2014, March743
10Vitaly E. Klochko[Россия], Eduard V. Galajinsy[Россия], Olga M. Krasnoryadtseva[Россия], Oleg V. Lukyanov[Россия]Modern Psychology: System Anthropological Approach2014, December733

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